How to Lose Friends and Infuriate Density

Martin Bishop
1 min readFeb 25, 2021

It’s easy:

Question narratives of the powerful out loud.

Expose evidence of wrongdoing by the wealthy and well-connected.

Cast doubt on the basic assumptions that cause people to remain trapped in the lose-lose game we call “the economy”.

Teach people how to get along without the goodies the rich use to make us dependent on and controllable by them.

Help average people better understand how incredibly powerful they really are or can be.

Publish that the Emperor is, in fact, quite naked and that his name appears many times in Epstein’s flight log books.

Empower people to keep themselves healthy by using natural means and avoiding poisons marketed as safe or even as food.

Find ways of being happy that don’t require products.

Be the outlier. Be the anomaly. Be the living proof that every self-limiting, self-destructive, self-diminishing idea that has accumulated in the minds of your associates over years and years of public education, mass media and advertising is fundamentally, logically, tragically, rationally, utterly and in all other ways, wrong.

Discover your superpowers and put them to good use.

Shine bright.



Martin Bishop

Tirelessly advocating the apparently contrarian view that human extinction is worth avoiding.