How-To Restore Democracy in America with Operation #BlueSpatula

Martin Bishop
2 min readJun 24, 2021
Both the Senate and the Electoral College could be brought into better alignment with the ideal of Democracy if a relatively small numbers of supermajority Democrats in deep blue states moved to key locations in sparsely populated Red States.

California has about Five (5) million more Democratic voters than necessary to win against Republicans in a presidential race. New York has about Two (2) million extra Democratic voters. Look at the charts in the link below to see how easily Biden beat Trump in these two states in 2020:

With the addition of relatively small numbers of Blue voters, many states could be flipped from Red to Blue, affecting Congressional and Senate delegations, Electoral College balances and control of the Senate:

South Dakota 125,000
North Dakota 125,000
Montana 125,000
Wyoming 125,000
Kansas 225,000
Mississippi 250,000
Idaho 300,000
Nebraska 300,000
Utah 325,000
Arkansas 350,000
Missouri 500,000
Louisiana 500,000
Oklahoma 550,000
Alabama 700,000
Tennessee 750,000

TOTAL : 5.27 million relocated voters.

Clearly there are enough extra voters in California alone to achieve the objectives, but how crazy is it to propose moving over Five million people (or even just 500,000 to flip the “low-hanging fruit” in the most sparsely populated four states)?

As I’m writing this column/update on June 24, 2021, the “Rent-pocalypse” is less than one week away — the day when approximately 28 million Americans will suddenly be held liable for unpaid rent during the pandemic and made to face the very real threat of eviction. Where will they go?

Many of these evictions will occur in relatively high rent areas like California. For many, it may make sense to hit the road, live our of RVs (as in the movie “Nomadland”) or move into relatively low-rent apartments such as North Dakota’s. They may be able to buy, with help from friends, family or GoFundMe to buy housing in these more remote locations.

Obviously, the logistical challenges are massive, but so are the numbers of people affected and the potential for positive change in our country.

Let’s talk more about this strategy, please.



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