Prepper Chatter about Impending Martial Law on Monday 3/23/20, Oregon, USA.

Martin Bishop
3 min readMar 19, 2020


Camping can be fun, but less so if it’s done in a state of fear about civilization imploding.

This is fourth-hand “info”. Normally I wouldn’t even mention it, but… things are getting weirder almost daily and many people are starting to freak out. I want to put this out there JUST to compare notes with others and see what others may have heard about this and related topics. To be clear, the subject of this story is not ACTUAL martial law in the U.S., but the apparent urgency and immediacy of some peoples’ expectations about it and their reported near-term consequent actions.

SUPPOSEDLY, a local (Southern Oregon) family with friends in law enforcement (who may or may not have tipped them off re: government planning) is gathering up their guns, ammo and camping gear and heading off “into the woods” this weekend with an unknown number of other like-minded people to stay for an indefinite period of time. Their expectation is that we are on the verge of martial law in the U.S. with widespread curfew, travel lock-downs, more store shut-downs and, possibly, worse scheduled to begin on or about Monday, March 23, 2020. A heightened military presence (National Guard?) is anticipated in the streets.

SUPPOSEDLY, A $6000 fine for curfew violations will be imposed.

SUPPOSEDLY, large numbers of younger prisoners are being released from jails due to prison crowding and a desire, by prison officials, to avoid having to manage a pandemic within their facilities. Because this is occurring at a time when law enforcement is already straining to keep up, a crime wave is expected.

Granted, all of this sounds like the usual fear-porn (and please order your male health enhancement supplements NOW!), but, if my source-chain is correct, at least some people are starting to act on these notions — at least for a long weekend — and the possibility that people are starting to take action based on this fear-mongering is something to stay informed about even if their fears are blown out of proportion because their actions could make the current situation in the U.S. with the Corona virus much more difficult. Namely, it can make it harder for those of us who are trying to deal with the pandemic by sheltering in place, using internet communication, assisting elder relatives and neighbors and otherwise strengthening community with mutual assistance instead of whipping up Armageddon fears.

So, what else do you know and what have you heard (if anything) about these kinds of scenarios playing out? Are you hearing about any preppers who are activating their “bug-out” plans?

Possible source(s) for this rumor: (note: I did not agree to the site terms, so I can’t confirm if this site is a source for the rumors or not. I am only making an educated guess based on the Google search page entry below:)

Google results suggest this as a likely source for the alleged scenarios some people seem to be (over?)-reacting to.



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