The Home for the Telekinetically Challenged

Martin Bishop
3 min readApr 16, 2021

If reality’s a quantum computer simulation
as pop Silicon Valley gurus suppose
we may find artifacts of compression and
“spooky actions at a distance”

Such are the “tells” that computing power
is not wasted on unseen out-of-frame pixels
and data exists everywhere instantly
(because it’s on the simulating computer
not bound by the constraints of our space-time)

When it is not consciously observed, nobody cares
if the electron sneaks through slit A or slit B
or both at the same time — anything can happen
when the watcher’s attention is elsewhere —
just as you might expect with a simulation.

Lazy Computer doesn’t bother with pixels and polygons
that no one is looking at.

When we look there, Lazy Computer fills in the blanks.

Lazy Computer can even time travel to paint any random corner
when we whip around and look unpredictably
before we even decide to look,
according to DCQE — delayed choice quantum eraser experiments
(Look that one up in your Funk & Wagnall’s)

Sometimes future events are causal of prior events.

Entangled particles share information
across many miles without delay, perfectly synchronized.

At the time of the “big bang” all the particles in our universe were entangled
and, maybe, they still are.

Every subatomic particle is a jewel in Vishnu’s necklace
reflecting the reflections of the reflections of
every other jewel in this rich, cosmic “simulation”

Perhaps this universe is guilty of “magical thinking”, not us.

The double-slit experiment tips the hand of the cosmos
and reveals — our conscious observation can change
the behavior of a subatomic particle.

Everything we see, hear, touch, smell or taste is subatomic particles.

In theory, our faith can move mountains,
but I stared at the spoon for half an hour
and it did not bend.

Welcome to the “Home for the telekinetically-challenged”

We start with something amazingly easy — Show up
in this room, with these people, with a conscious expectation
that everyone will treat you with kindness, respect, love and goodwill
and you are only too happy to return the favor.

Just having such an expectation sends an unseen signal of love.

Everyone can feel that you hold them in this high regard,
this upwardly-leading anticipation.

Even if I am having unkind thoughts or harboring selfish urges,
I want to be the person my dog thinks I am — and I want to be
the person you seem to be thinking you know I can become.

It’s from this stuff that all sincere smiles are birthed.

Fear cannot burn where there is no fuel and you know
these emerging small reflected kindnesses would not have occurred
without the thought.

So that works. You want science? Okay.
The mere fact that medical science requires double-blind drug experiments
is nothing but a full-throated admission by the gatekeepers of medical truth
that faith healing works (and they want to help you ignore it).

And so you have your proof
that your thoughts can, indeed, change reality.

Thus, everything is possible.



Martin Bishop

Tirelessly advocating the apparently contrarian view that human extinction is worth avoiding.